Shree Sai Vada Pav


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Since our beginning with a small space in Rayner’s Lane harrow, London, Shree Sai Vada Pav has been inspired with the passion to cook and serve healthy, Indian-inspired takeout fast food center. Unlike other Indian restaurants, Shree Sai Vada Pav is created with the specific intention to be different. We know many people love Indian food, but many of them dislike or are unaware of the common unhealthy ingredients that make typical Indian food taste so good. Our menu features items that use healthy and aromatic spices.

Shree Sai Vada Pav include wonderful takeout locations in London with more to come in the near future. Our team takes pride in the fact that we can provide our new and loyal customers with great tasting Indian-inspired food that is unlike that at any other Indian restaurant you frequent. Our hope is that you’ll join the growing trend that so many others have already discovered and you will try Shree Sai Vada Pav as a unique alternative not just to other Indian restaurants, but to all other healthy food options out there. We’re pretty damn picky about what we put in our dishes, so we carefully craft our menus for maximum choice and taste.

Shree Sai Vada Pav exclusively offers fast food, served fresh with the highest quality of ingredients. Our Fast Food has dishes ready to go so you can see what you’re getting before it dances on your taste-buds. At Shree Sai Vada Pav, we have fresh produce delivered every day to our restaurants. We have perfected the art of efficiency in the kitchen. So, despite the fact that we begin to make your meal when you order it, you still get it fast. That’s why our drive-thru windows are such a popular option for many of our customers. And if you do have time to come in and relax over your meal, that’s great. We’ll still prepare it quickly for you to enjoy in our comfortable dining rooms. The vision of offering something unique, a quick-service restaurant serving fresh food, made-to-order is what led us to start Shree Sai Vada Pav. We remain committed to that vision today. Our fresh menu, variety and service standards are the foundation of everything we do.

Shree Sai Vada Pav serves a range of delicious foods freshly prepared just for you, from snacks such as vadapav, samosa pav, misal pav, veg wraps to hot grilled sandwiches and many more. Shree Sai Vada Pav also serves freshly brewed coffee and tea, to help start your day fresh. Variety of Indian foods are also ready for you, like dabeli, kachori, pani puri, dahi puri, saboodana khichdi etc.

We opened Shree Sai Vada Pav because we wanted to prove that it was possible to serve food that both tastes good and does you good. We want to make it easy for people to eat well on the high street. We want to do this in every major corner of the city. No matter what the time of day, we offer an array of dishes that is sure to please you.