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Namaste! We are very grateful that you have taken out time to read a little bit about us. Mango is an award-winning Indian vegetarian restaurant, based in the heart of Wetherby. We deliver fresh, home-cooked food with little modern twists from our kitchen, cooked by our head-chef and proprietor, Rekha Sonigra. Our ethos is simple: ‘We’ll serve you what we would eat at home.’ All of our dishes have been tried and tested in the Sonigra household for generations and with over 20 people in the family, that’s no mean feat!

The Sonigra family originate from the west Indian state of Gujarat, where over 50% of the general public practise vegetarianism as part of the predominant religion, Hinduism. This way of life has been instilled in this region for centuries. Gujarati food has evolved and adapted to create dishes revolving around seasonal, local produce and complimentary spicing; a technique observed in Mango. Every dish we serve is a unique recipe, complete in its own right and homage to whichever lentil or vegetable is within it.

With a passion for food and a love to please people, Rekha and her family decided it was time to introduce homemade Gujarati food to the Yorkshire public. After years of successful outdoor catering and a lot of courage, Mango emerged, a company centred around family and Hindu values. We strive to ensure a peaceful, friendly and delicious retreat to every one of our customers. All our produce is fresh and seasonal to ensure full flavour and locality where possible. Every dish served is made fresh to order, ensuring you have a true experience of India.

The Mango experience is truly distinctive; our food is made with lots of love, our staff are friendly and our customers are served in a vibrant atmosphere. Walk into the restaurant and enjoy modern, creative surroundings whilst you wine and dine, just leave the washing up to us!

Now you’ve read a bit about us, we suggest you pop in and meet the family!