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South Indian cuisine is distinguished by a greater emphasis on rice and exotic spices which are used in curries to give a rather explosive taste of chilli. The ubiquity of ‘Sambar’ and ‘Rasam’, a variety of pickles, and the expert use of fruit and vegetables, including curry leaves ensure that the south of India is still, to this day, very famous for its unique taste. Spongy, soft and fluffy rice cakes which almost melt when bitten are called Idli by the natives of India. This accompanied by Dosa, Poori, Vada and Bajji form the most delectable ‘South Indian’ dishes that one can imagine eating whilst enjoying the company of family and friends.

Other popular dishes include chicken65 , a spicy, deep-fried dish marinated in ginger, spices and other mouth-watering flavours. Chilli chicken, Veg-Munchurian, Chicken-Munchurian, Pepper mutton and Fish fry are all starters worth ordering before indulging yourself with the main course.

Relish in South India’s most famous dish, Hyderabadi-Dum-Biriyani , with its famous basmati rice, steamed meat, rich spices and interesting textures and flavours. This, served with lemon, onions, flavoured yoghurt and mirchi ka salan (a side dish made from green chillies, peanuts, till seeds, dry coconut, cumin seeds, ginger and garlic paste and many more ingredients) only further enhance the luxurious tastes of the Southern dishes.

India is most famous for its curries and one of the most appetizing curries that originated from the South is Gongura chicken and Gongora mutton. Especially because ‘Gongura’ is a southern ‘delicacy’ which is imported from India for the sole purpose of your delight.

South Indian cuisine obtains its characteristic flavours by the use of tamarind, coconuts, lentils, rice and a variety of vegetables which complement each other not only regarding taste, but also smell. The strong smell of masala and tempting sight of the dishes will surely be one of the most addictive tastes you will come across.

Andhra cuisines each have unique methods of cooking, and therefore distinctive tastes. In fact, each of the South Indian states have a different way of preparing Sambar, Biriyani and a connoisseur of South Indian food will very easily be able to tell the difference between Andhra cuisine, and the other states such as Kerala.

We have been serving the South Indian community within London for the past 6 years using inherent recipes and unmatched service. It was our dream come true when we opened the first ever ‘Andhra’ restaurant to reside within London, ‘Hyderabad Tastes’ as we call it.

Our great culture and heritage taught us to always stand for honesty and prosperity and therefore, the staff at ’Hyderabad Tastes’ will strive to serve the honest food that will leave you coming back for more.

At Hyderabad Tastes, we endeavour to bring you the best Indian food possible. Delicious, home-cooked Indian food , made with the same love, care and thoughtfulness that a mother would devote to the food she cooks at home.

Inspired by our own school of hospitality in Andhra which all our chefs attended, we feel that we have made this is possible. Food is the social cement that brings us together. It’s the most basic link between ourselves and our environment.

At Hyderabad Tastes, we believe food is a celebration of life. Our vegetarian, meat-based and seafood dishes will delight your sense of taste. It is our great hope that our food leaves you happier and therefore we would always welcome any comments which would enable us to improve our service further.